The School Of GENEIUS
The Most Powerful Social Media Advertising Training In The World That Turns Entrepreneurs Into Customer Acquisition GENEIUSes.
The School Of GENEIUS
The Most Powerful Social Media Advertising Training In The World That Turns Entrepreneurs Into Customer Acquisition GENEIUSes.
Here’s What You Get When You Enroll Into The School Of GENEIUS:
  •  Access to our entire library of step-by-step courses, featuring: » Clicks Into Customers 2.0 - How to use Facebook & Instagram (technically & strategically) to create ROI producing customer acquisition campaigns.  » YouTube Advertising For GENEIUSes - Our most profitable campaigns this year have been on YouTube. This course gives you everything you need to know about how you can do it too. 
  •  The greatest support in the world - Enjoy live support every weekday from our in-house team, abuse our speedy and unlimited email and chat support, and get help from over 500 other extremely intelligent and caring members inside of our Private Facebook Group.
  •  3 LIVE weekly trainings where Billy and the team will:  » Review YOUR campaigns and other student campaigns WITH YOU to help you make them better.  » Answer all of your techy or general questions (Or just show up to be a sponge and learn from other student’s questions)  » Teach you new business & marketing skills that will actually help you make more money. 
  •  Our Database of search-and-deploy templates and proven campaigns. Get some of the most powerful ads we've tested on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube and (literally) swipe dozens and dozens of campaigns you can use for your own business with the click of a few buttons. 
  •  An Invaluable Community - Our students aren’t just students. We’ve created one of the most powerful marketing families that we’re proud to say are also the most generous and supportive in the world. This community is why you’ll stick with us forever. 
  •  An Invitation to our Semi-Annual Meetups which our students have traveled around the world to attend. Not only is there advanced learning at these meetups, but you’ll make the greatest and most valuable connections of your life… and we have a lot of fun too. 
  •  Eligibility to become a Certified Partner which means we can refer you customers... Whaaat?! Crazy, I know.  
We've created the Social Media Marketing curriculum that SHOULD BE taught in Universities but IS NOT. No institution in the world will prepare you to acquire customers and scale your business as much as The School Of GENEIUS.
GENEIUS Curriculum
*All live online trainings are recorded and available within 48 hours to rewatch at anyime.
Step-by-step course that teaches you the advanced techniques to creating advertising campaigns from start to finish using Facebook & Instagram
Step-by-step course that teaches you everything you need to know to create profitable advertisements on YouTube using AdWords, from setting up your account to publishing your 1st advertisements.
Sales course specifically for marketers that teaches you all the tools, scripts, strategies, and confidence you need, to make sure you sell your services to not just any business, but the ones you're dying to work with.
Every week, Billy Gene hops on a call to either review REAL advertising campaigns for REAL businesses (submitted by you AKA our students), train you on how to sell your services, or to get you in the GENEIUS Mindset.
Every week, Billy Gene hops on a call to teach you a new skill, that you won't learn in school, but your business NEEDS to survive. There are currently 18 Skills and over 70 trainings available in this library, including: "How To Write Persuasively", "Creating Great Video Content", "The Fundamentals of Automation", "The Fundamentals of Live Streaming", and "The Fundamentals of A Membership Site".
Every week, you can hop on a live Q&A call with the account managers who manage all of our campaigns, and get your questions answered.
We’re going to give you all the PROVEN Customer Acquisition blueprints, step-by-step trainings, templates, exercises, and more. Each of these resources work in ANY business, within any budget.
GENEIUS Resources
The GENEIUS Workbook
The exact templates, processes, and exercises we use to create bad-ass advertising campaigns for any business in any niche with any budget. All in one workbook.
Campaign Downloads
We’ll give you the exact campaigns that we’ve successfully ran for countless industries: Real Estate, Fitness, Health, Entertainment, Selling A Product/Service, and the list goes on.
Private Facebook Group
Connect and collaborate with hundreds of the smartest marketers and entrepreneurs in the world.
Personalized Support
Get personalized support with our account managers to tackle your questions.
Live Chat
Ask our Campaign Managers your questions through the online chat feature within the platform.
Search the portal with keywords or phrases and be directed to training replays, campaign downloads, or other members who match your search criteria.
GENEIUS Opportunities
Every day we provide practice assignments to help you become a GENEIUS Marketer. These assignments place you in "real world" situations where you must complete a critical step within our G.E.N.E.I.U.S. customer acquisition process for a "client."
Our in-house GENEIUS counselors review all submissions and select a winner every day to receive $100... no strings attached!
Community is very important to us and we’re big believers in the power of proximity, which is why The School Of GENEIUS students are invited to private, semi-annual live Meetups. During these meetups students get to make in-person connects with like-minded entrepreneurs, the Billy Gene Is Marketing team, and Billy Gene himself.

At these Meetups, you can expect to learn a ton, have lot of fun, and create priceless friendships and opportunities.
School Of GENEIUS students receive eligibility to become a certified partner, which means we can refer you customers. This is completely under the discretion of Billy Gene and we are promising you absolutely nothing. Having said that, we have a lot of partners who discover a lot of untapped business because of it.  
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